Demographic and Economic Data

Demographic and Economic Data

Demographic and Economic Data

A Snapshot of Boulder’s Key Metrics

Boulder by Numbers – Demographic & Economic Data

Here is a snapshot of Boulder demographic information and economic activity in labor and employment, the consumer sector, and commercial and residential real estate.

For more detail, please check out the latest research studies through the Boulder Economic Council:

Demographic Snapshot

City of Boulder
Total Population 108,108*
Number of Households 43,542
Male 51.2%
Female 48.2%
Median age 28.5
Under 5 years old 4.1%
18 years or older 87.4%
65 years or older 9.0%
Education (Population 25 or older)
High school graduate or higher 96.4%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 73%
Graduate or professional degree 38.5%
Median household income $70,158*
Median family income $113,391
Median non-family income $40,950
Per capita income $40,037

*Includes CU-Boulder students. Source: 2016 American Community Survey; US Census