Housing in the Boulder Area

Housing in the Boulder Area

Housing in the Boulder Area

Calling Boulder Home

A Variety of Housing Options

A wide variety of housing options are available in the Boulder area, including historic Victorians, contemporary condos, downtown lofts, traditional family homes, mountain retreats, and ranch properties.

Housing prices in the city of Boulder continue to represent values higher than those in the surrounding region, with a median home price of $500,700 in 2013. This compares to $349,100 for the county and $173,900 for the nation. The city’s idyllic location at the base of the Rocky Mountains, along with the presence of the university and rich cultural amenities, contribute to the differentials in home values.

More than half the individuals that work in Boulder live outside the city limits. A wide variety of housing options are located within 15 minutes of Boulder, including the following communities in Boulder County:

  • Erie
  • Lafayette
  • Longmont
  • Louisville
  • Superior

Owner-Occupied Home Values

Value Boulder Boulder County Colorado U.S.
<$100,000 9.6% 6.3% 10.7% 24.6%
$100,000 to $299,999 14.8% 28.6% 50.3% 48.1%
$300,000 to $499,999 22.2% 32.1% 27.0% 16.1%
$500,000 to $999,999 42.6% 27.0% 11.5% 8.8%
$1 million or more 10.9% 6.0% 2.1% 2.4%
Median value $530,000 $383,100 $255,200 $181,200

Source: 2014 American Community Survey

The 2013 American Community Survey shows that 96% of the city’s housing units are occupied, compared to 89.1% of the state’s housing units. Owner-occupied housing makes up 47.6% of occupied housing in the city while renter-occupied housing represents 53.2% of occupied housing units due largely to the presence of CU-Boulder. The city’s median gross rent was reported at $1,213 per month.

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