Boulder Economic Council Investment

The Boulder Economic Council (BEC) is an investment organization.


Who can invest in this leadership group?

BEC investment is open by invitation to companies and organizations committed to supporting the economic vitality of Boulder.

What are the annual dues?

Investment is $6,000 annually. Investment is contingent upon approval by current BEC members.

How does my organization learn more or invest?

To learn more about how investment can help you and your organization become more involved in the local community and make a difference in Boulder’s economic future, please contact the Boulder Economic Council at

What is the value to my company?

BEC provides investors with connections, insights and visibility through the following opportunities:

  • Affiliation with prominent business and community leaders committed to Boulder economic vitality;
  • Expanding your network of top business and community executives and build new relationships;
  • Gaining an insider’s look at the latest economic trends, new developments and research data;
  • Association with local and regional business leaders helping shape Boulder’s economic future;
  • Participation in high-profile community events like the local Economic Forecast and Economic Summit, exposing your organization to 500+ top business partners annually;
  • Direct impact on the Boulder community; and
  • Access to support / resources for your business.
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