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Boulder, Colorado

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Boulder attracts well-educated, skilled, and talented people. Those sparking innovation and entrepreneurship have greater access to research and capital investing, leading to one of the most desirable places to live in the US.



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In 2017, the Boulder Economic Council of the Boulder Chamber launched the Boulder Innovation Venture. The goal was to benchmark the productivity of Boulder’s innovation economy and startup ecosystem compared to other leading entrepreneurial communities in the U.S.

The Boulder Innovation Venture initiative resulted in the publication of the inaugural Boulder Innovation Venture report in 2018. The first edition report generated a high volume of interest online, was cited in numerous media posts and articles, and it was presented at regional and international conferences.

Boulder Innovation Venture 2.0, the second edition, was published in January of 2020. The report added new and updated benchmark data while also expanding the comparative communities.

In 2023, the publication evolved into an electronic document, positioned to update the Boulder community more regularly.

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