Getting Your Business Established

Getting Your Business Established

Getting Your Business Established
city of boulder

City of Boulder

Business Licensing

Business / Sales & Use Tax Licensing: The City of Boulder requires that anyone operating a business in Boulder be licensed. The license is called a Sales and Use Tax License, and a tax return must be filed each year, even with no sales tax revenue. The City’s Tax and Licensing division manages business licensing, sales tax, use and other tax filings, construction use tax reconciliation returns and various tax auditing functions.

Regulatory Licenses: The Regulatory Licenses section manages licensing for the following: auctions, dog tags, circus and carnivals, itinerant merchant for door to door sales, liquor, medical marijuana businesses, Business / Sales & Use Tax Licensing recreational marijuana businesses, mobile food vehicles, second hand dealer/pawnbrokers, and special event liquor permits for non-profits.

Planning and Development Services

Planning and Development Services coordinates all of the development-related functions for the City of Boulder. The department works to ensure the successful implementation of the City of Boulder’s planning and development regulations including:

Please see the 2021 Schedule of Fees through the City of Boulder for building permits fees, inspection fees, taxes, utility fees, impact fees, contractor license fees, development fees, application fees, etc.

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state of colorado

State of Colorado

Businesses operating in Colorado will work with the various state agencies to meet all the requirements for doing business in the state, including:

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