Q2:2023 Boulder Jobs Report

by Louis Rosner, Economic Development Analyst



Using the Colorado Chamber of Commerce with Aspen Tech Labs second quarter jobs report and augmenting it with region specific data powered by Lightcast this report intends to provide granular data (augmented with analysis) on Boulder’s job market as of June 2023.


Boulder’s job market remains strong in a time of great division over the future direction of the economy. Unemployment remains below the national and state average with job vacancies falling across Colorado and total employment is trending upwards YoY. These trends are indicative of a strong, healthy jobs market. There are a few worrying signs, however. Median wages have stagnated and COLA wages for lower income occupation are doing much poorer relative to the national average than high paying jobs. If the economy enters recessionary period, lower income Boulderites will be hit harder than their wealthier peers.

Employment Statistics


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