Boulder Economic Council investors visit CU’s BioFrontiers

On February 15, the Boulder Economic Council (BEC) engaged BioFrontier’s staff for a brief presentation before touring classrooms and laboratory spaces that support the entrepreneurial community of faculty, students, and industry tenants.


BioFrontiers is a unique interdisciplinary community of scientists driven by the mission of improving global health and welfare through collaborative, boundary-pushing bioscience. Our science brings together physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, chemists, engineers, and biologists in one building to solve complex problems.


Roy Parker, Director of BioFrontiers, shared several projects its scientists are engaged with – including, heart disease studies, RNA, viral diseases and vaccines, and how parasites affect honeybees.  

All these projects are shared with the public during seminars titled BioFrontiers Presents.  

Upcoming seminars include: 

  • March 19, 6-7:00pm @ Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building
    Sara Sawyer // Viruses, Our Defenses, and a Possible Path to HIV Vaccines
    Registration Site
  • April 23, 6-7:00pm @ Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building
    Sam Ramsey // Pollinator Pandemic: Outsized Role of Parasites in Bee Health
    Registration Site 


Dr. Parker also discussed ways the institution partners with the University’s Venture Partners to support current students’ intent on growing their technology and their business.

Venture Partners at CU Boulder brings the university’s world-class researchers together with the business, startup and entrepreneurial communities to translate groundbreaking solutions into economic and social impact.

View Projects  

BEC investors learned a great deal about the pipeline of start-ups being generated from the University, including Darwin Biosciences. Darwin is developing saliva-based diagnostics for the early detection of infectious diseases that will change the way the world identifies and manages outbreaks. 

The BEC would like to thank Dr. Roy Parker and BioFrontiers of CU for their hospitality. We look forward to our next meeting on March 21 at Celestial Seasonings. 

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