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Various reports produced by the Boulder Economic Council to showcase the economic vitality of Boulder and the surrounding region.

Arts and Economic Vitality in Boulder

  Background In economics, analysts, theorists, and students often overlook what truly drives an economy. While economic activity can be represented by supply and demand graphs or neatly summarized by the sum of consumption, investment, and government spending, these models tell an incomplete story. The places where people spend money and the factors that attract …

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Boulder’s Semiconductor Industry

  Background In August 2022, President Joe Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act into law, where CHIPS stands for “Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors.” This legislation allocated $280 billion in tech funding, with a significant portion, $53 billion, directed towards strengthening the nation’s semiconductor industry. This emphasis on semiconductor funding was a strategic response to …

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The AI Revolution — How vulnerable is Boulder?

  Part 1: Introduction This report centers around AI and its effects on employment and labor markets. Both the risk and opportunities AI presents are considered. Part one introduces AI and explores the ways it can affect the job market. Part two explores Boulder’s exposure to AI through labor market data. In part three competing …

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Q2:2023 Boulder Jobs Report

  Introduction Using the Colorado Chamber of Commerce with Aspen Tech Labs second quarter jobs report and augmenting it with region specific data powered by Lightcast this report intends to provide granular data (augmented with analysis) on Boulder’s job market as of June 2023. Summary Boulder’s job market remains strong in a time of great …

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Aging Boulder: Demographic Change and Workforce Needs

Introduction The rapid aging of populations is a global phenomenon that has far-reaching implications for societies and communities worldwide. Boulder is not immune to this demographic shift. The purpose of this report is to delve into the dynamics of Boulder’s aging population, shedding light on the key trends, challenges, and opportunities that arise as the …

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