Aging Boulder: Demographic Change and Workforce Needs

by Louis Rosner, Economic Development Analyst


The rapid aging of populations is a global phenomenon that has far-reaching implications for societies and communities worldwide. Boulder is not immune to this demographic shift. The purpose of this report is to delve into the dynamics of Boulder’s aging population, shedding light on the key trends, challenges, and opportunities that arise as the community experiences this transformative change.

The first part of the Aging Boulder case study series focuses on the demographic changes and workforce changes in Boulder.

Demographic Change in Boulder: 2023 – 2033

While Boulder’s population continues to grow in the decade to come, it will do so at a pace that is notably more measured compared to the broader state and national trends. As the state and country experience rapid population expansion, Boulder’s growth rate remains more subdued, growing at a rate approximately half as fast. This dynamic can be explained partially by its aging population, and the loss of younger cohorts.


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