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Boulder Area Healthcare Sector Partnership focuses Q2 meeting on identifying workforce gaps and opportunities for tapping into alternative talent pipelines and improved hiring processes. 

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On Tuesday, June 25 industry and community partners in the healthcare sector came together at Boulder Medical Center to learn about and discuss apprenticeships, hiring and onboarding, and overall retention through employee support.

The meeting consisted of a presentation from Chris Heuston, Director of Apprenticeships at Front Range Community College: 

  • Why apprenticeships now? 
    • Boulder’s future labor market is set to experience significant shortages related to an aging workforce, lower birth rates, and decreased migration due to a lack of affordable housing options. 
    • Apprenticeships have become an increasingly viable option in the demand for a skilled workforce due to strong state and federal legislative/funding support, strong employer training programs, and the appeal of increased retention rates. 
  • What is an apprenticeship? 
    • FRCC’s apprenticeship programs are registered with the US Department of Labor, include paid on-the-job training accompanied by related instruction, scheduled wage increases, and the opportunity to earn certifications that will aid in continuing work post-apprenticeship. 
    • Programs offered by FRCC include medical assistant, pharmacy technician, surgical technologist, sterile processing technician, and medical office administration. 

Guided by questions on talent development and employee support, industry partners provided the following insights: 

  • Traditional job boards work some of the time but are not a one-size-fits-all. 
  • Indeed has yielded differing results among employers, some valuing the steady influx of applicants while others express difficulties in identifying skilled-talent among a large number of candidates. 
  • Personal referrals from a trusted employee and apprentices trained in-house seem to offer a reliable method of recruitment and retention. 
  • Employers are looking for AI-powered software to simplify the hiring process by identifying qualified candidates and helping to conduct effective interviews. 
  • Investing in strategies to improve employee support at all levels can lead to a more successful organization overall. 
  • Effective leadership results in better employee support, and subsequently higher rates of retention. Industry acknowledged the importance of skills-based hiring in leadership roles where soft skills are equally as valuable as technical experience. 
  • Employers would like to explore grants related to subsidizing or incentivizing sustainable and equitable methods of transportation outside of just the RTD pass. This could look like reimbursement for commute time, improved access for those responsible for transporting family members, or other innovative options. 

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Thank you to Boulder Medical Center for hosting this meeting! 

Boulder Medical Center stands today as a testament to 75 years of unwavering dedication to our patients, team excellence, and community vitality. Since our inception on February 21, 1949, we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to providing comprehensive care tailored to the healthcare needs of Boulder and its surrounding areas. 

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