Industry Leaders Look Towards Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

Advanced manufacturing in Boulder continues to evolve with sector partnership work. 

On Tuesday, March 13th, the Boulder Area Manufacturing Sector Partnership convened at Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions. This meeting focused primarily on the future of manufacturing in Colorado and how industry can better prepare for optimal growth opportunities.


About Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions 

With operations in 130 countries and over 10,000 employees worldwide, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions solves the toughest water, wastewater and process challenges around the globe. Leveraging a comprehensive set of chemicals, equipment and digital enabled services and products, the company helps customers optimize water resources and overcome process challenges.

The meeting consisted of presentations from: 

Louis Rosner, Data Analyst
Boulder Economic Council 

Reshoring and its impacts on workforce in the US and the Mountain West 

  • Trends show exciting potential for growth, with new orders increasing by 50 percent and approximately 2 million jobs reshored from 2010 
  • While the Mountain West may not currently be a preferred destination for reshoring initiatives, preparing our workforce and providing advanced training in technical manufacturing can help set Colorado up to take on this greater demand 

Rob Newbold, VP of Client Success
Manufacturer’s Edge
Managing Manufacturing Operations at the Speed of Change 

  • The technology-driven economy is moving manufacturing towards automation and advanced systems.  
  • Manufacturer’s Edge has several resources to help firms grow towards sustainable, resilient, large-scale production and rise to the top of competitive environments. 

Janel Highfill, AVP of Workforce Development
Front Range Community College
Industrial Maintenance Technician Adult Apprenticeship Program  

  • As manufacturers continue to scale operations, Front Range Community College is working to fill gaps in the demand for technical manufacturing jobs with apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician Apprentices receive critical on-the-job training in conjunction with related instruction to become full-time, highly skilled employees. 

Thank you to Veolia and Global Supply Chain Leader Carole Mehl for hosting this convening and for your continued support as a champion of the Boulder Area Manufacturing Sector Partnership. 

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