Needs Mapping in Boulder County


by Louis Rosner, Economic Development Analyst

Using data provided to the BEC by Mile High United Way , we can track needs for residents in Boulder County. The data is collected from calls coming into their 211 Help Center between January and October 2023 and is geographically organized by zip code. Due to the size of the dataset and restrictions on the number of visualizations our reporting software allows, not all needs categories are able to be mapped. Given that, only the needs categories in the top 10 total calls will be shown. All maps are representative of the rate per 100,000 given the population of the respective zip code, not the total number of calls. This is to normalize the data for more accurate results and comparison. The population by zip code data is taken from the US Census Bureau.

Mapping Total Needs


Total Calls

Total Calls: 3,109
Calls Per 100k: 919.1

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