Professional Services Partnership Starts Off Strong

Boulder Area Professional Services Sector Partnership identifies key priorities during launch.

The Boulder Area Professional Services Sector Partnership launched Tuesday, April 16 with a passionate group of industry leaders in the banking, human resources, staffing, and business and financial services spaces. The group was lead through a series of questions by John Tayer, Boulder Chamber President and CEO, to identify main areas of focus for the partnership moving forward.

Professional Services

The discussion centered around three main questions:

  • What are the biggest opportunities to grow the industry in our region?
  • What challenges are preventing your organization’s success?
  • What resources do you need that aren’t currently available to you?

As the group moved through the questions, common themes began to emerge among the challenges faced by each business.

Strategic priorities arose in five key areas: 

  • Connectivity and Marketing – including better matching employer needs to service providers, bolstering DEI initiatives, and leadership training. 
  • Cost of Living for Employees – particularly more middle-income housing and comprehensive transportation options for commuters. 
  • Talent Development/HR – such as skills-based hiring, talent transition, and methods for more strategic recruitment. 
  • Funding Systems – including greater funding for small businesses and startups without limiting criteria or need for a backing-institution. 
  • Policy – based primarily around navigating strict regulations and quality assurance. 

 (Detailed Launch Report coming soon.)

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Looking ahead 

With priorities identified, the next steps for the group include identifying key industry champions, forming action teams, and bringing in community partners to help address specific challenges.  

If you’re an industry leader in the professional services sector and want to collaborate with other professionals on these challenges, we would love to see you at the next convening! Join the LinkedIn group below to stay up to date on future meetings. 

Thank You to Our Host 

Thank you to Elevations Credit Union, particularly Dennis Paul and Marcie Vogel for hosting the launch. 

In 1952, the U. of C. Federal Credit Union was founded with 12 members and less than $100 in assets to serve the financial needs of CU Boulder staff and faculty. Elevations is an award-winning Colorado financial institution with over $3 billion in assets and more than 170,000 members. While our name has changed and our credit union has grown, our focus remains on empowering our members with financial solutions and education. 

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