Sun Construction rises to the occasion – helping kick off 2024 sector convenings

The 2024 Sector Partnership schedule has begun! 

On Tuesday, January 23, the Boulder Area Manufacturing Sector Partnership convened at Sun Contruction, based in Longmont, CO. The partnership would like to thank Sun’s Jessica Erickson, Director of Business Development, for providing space and helping to coordinate the meeting.


About Sun Contruction
Sun Construction is a full-service general contractor specializing in technically challenging and unique projects. Sun has spent the last 38 years specifically focused on providing industry-best construction solutions to clients in the life sciences, manufacturing, government, and high-tech sectors and intends to maintain that focus for the next 38 years. You can learn more about Sun Construction at — 

The meeting consisted of updates from

In addition to the above guests, industry partners were asked to review the strategic prioroties of the current partnership. In their reevaluation of strategic priorities, industry partners engaged in conversation surrounding workforce, supply chain, community policy, and operations. In large part, these initiatives will remain in place.

New, Potential Focal Points for 202

  • The introduction of automation into the manufacturing process has led to a need for workers with more experience in programming, quality assurance, and related certifications.
  • Partners indicated major supply chain disruptions have eased, but prices remain high. Offshore parts are still relied on. To address these concerns, partners identified the need for greater regional connection
  • From an operations standpoint, they called for greater HR representation in convenings and data that is both specific to Colorado and applicable in everyday operations. 

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