Small Business: Boulder’s Economic Bedrock


by Louis Rosner, Economic Development Analyst

Small businesses are integral to Boulder’s identity, spanning across a diverse range of sectors like natural products, manufacturing, and technology. They play a significant role in our region’s economy and contribute to the vibrant culture of the Boulder region. This report aims to examine the dynamics of small businesses in Boulder and their impact on the local economy.

The data in this report is sourced from the US Census’ Business Dynamics Statistics Database (BDS), which tracks changes in business growth, establishment, decline, and relocation over time. Small businesses, defined as those with 19 employees or fewer, are the focal point of this analysis. Please note that the data presented here is from 2021, with a two-year time lag.

Small Businesses at a Glance

Out of the 10,299 businesses in Boulder 8,484, or 82.4% are small businesses with 19 or under employees.


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