The Quantum Revolution: Computing and its Supply Chain in the Boulder MSA

Quantum Image
by Louis Rosner, Economic Development Analyst

Quantum has the power to revolutionize computing. By taking advantage of the unique properties of quantum mechanics, quantum computers can process and analyze information at faster speeds and with greater complexity than classical computers. This technology can reshape industries from finance, healthcare, and manufacturing to telecommunications and environmental science.

Colorado, and the Mountain West, is establishing itself as a hub for quantum research. According to Elevate Quantum, a designated Techhub and industry consortium (the Chamber is a participant), the region is responsible for over 3,000 jobs and four Nobel Prizes.

Quantum in the News

Colorado and Illinois are in a heated battle to be the recipient of $1 billion in federal funding the quantum industry through the CHIPS and Science Act. With the award slated to be announced later this summer. As of July 2nd, the Denver Post reports that Colorado is the recipient of $40 million dollar tabbed for quantum. According to the Denver Post article, the $40 million grant could roll up into $77 million in state funds with potentially a total of $1 billion on the way for the industry.

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