Working in Boulder

Partnering to Enhance Talent and Workforce Needs

The BEC connects schools, higher education, workforce professionals, and local industry leaders.

Our initiatives include:

  • Engaging youth in classroom discussions, facility tours, and events showcasing career paths
  • Connecting high school youth to job shadows, internships, and apprenticeships
  • Developing registered adult apprenticeships in response to specific industry needs
  • Creating access to certifications and other credentials for youth, those looking to change careers, or those reentering the workforce
  • Training organizations to rethink their hiring processes
  • Collaborating with industry partners to craft programs that retain current employees while recruiting new ones
  • biofrontiers

    Career Exploration

    Identifying the workforce needs of the region and ensuring our youth and current job seekers are aware of emerging occupations and the skills needed to be successful in those careers.

  • wordpress

    Work-based Learning

    Creating relevant, real work opportunities between local industry leaders, higher education, and K-12 organizations. Opportunities include internships, apprenticeships, and access to credentials.

  • Aerospace

    Skills-based Hiring

    Encouraging industry leaders to use modern techniques as they recruit and onboard new talent -- efficient job postings, use of language, and cultivating talent outside traditional pathways.

  • DIA-900

    Recruitment & Retention

    Exploring ways to assist businesses as they recruit candidates from across the country and helping to maintain employees via local amenities and support systems.

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