Career Exploration

Building awareness of emerging careers and the skills needed for success.

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Boulder Together

a Boulder Together Project

Facility Tours

Sector partnerships across several industries use facility tours to educate stakeholders on business operations, talent needs, and overall partnerships. Engaging tours can inspire students to pursue specific career paths, assist educators with classroom learning, and cultivate an informed, prepared talent pipeline.

factory tour

Classroom Engagement

Working with local school districts and community colleges is an effective way to introduce your organization and workforce needs to future job seekers. Many local schools are inviting professionals into the classroom to mentor projects, deliver presentations, or recruit soon-to-be graduates.


Advisory Boards

Industry participation in education-based advisory boards greatly increases the effectiveness of career technical education and experience gained through work-based learning programs. Educators rely on business leaders to guide curriculum development, mentor skills, and identify essential certifications and credentials.

advisory board
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