Work-based Learning

Creating hands-on work experiences for those entering or reentering the workforce.

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Internships are flexible programs that allow students to gain valuable work experiences, while providing employers with a temporary workforce that could lead to long-term recruitment. The Boulder Economic Council partners with school districts, community colleges, and universities to develop internship programs -- in-person and virtually.

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In addition to acquiring strong, relevant work experience, earning an industry recognized certification can provide students and those looking to upskill or change careers with a strong competitive advantage among talent/hiring pools.


High School Apprenticeships

The Boulder Economic Council partners with CareerWise Colorado to create opportunities for high school-aged students and employers looking for young talent. Apprentices split their time between traditional high school coursework and the workplace -- all while earning a wage and gathering valuable work experience.

work-based learning

Registered Adult Apprenticeships

As an intermediary, the BEC works with industry partners and institutes of higher education to develop programs that provide adults with wages, on-the-job learning, classroom instruction, mentorship, and industry-recognized credentials. These career paths/positions are registered with the Department of Labor and align with industry standards, competencies, and overall culture.



Teachers and career technical educators are integral to the development of young talent and a reskilled, upskilled workforce. To best inform them of state-of-the-art technology, methodology, and standards, these career ambassadors are regularly invited to work alongside professionals across several sectors.

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