Registered Adult Apprenticeships

Developing registered career paths that align with industry standards.

The Boulder Chamber is an official sponsor and intermediary of DOL apprenticeships.

As an intermediary, the Boulder Chamber works with industry partners and institutes of higher education to develop programs that provide adults with wages, on-the-job learning, classroom instruction, mentorship, and industry-recognized credentials.

These career paths/positions are registered with the Department of Labor and align with industry standards, competencies, and overall culture.

If your business is interested in working with the Boulder Economic Council to develop a strong talent pipeline, click the 'Employer Consult' button below.

Registered Apprenticeship Pathways

The Boulder Chamber and its Economic Council sponsor several adult apprenticeship pathways.

  1. Use the following menu to find your preferred pathway.
  2. Click 'Related Coursework' to explore coursework from our related instruction providers like Front Range Community College
  3. Discover current openings with local employers by clicking 'Current Opportunities'

NOTE: Items labeled 'Currently Hiring' have open positions linked directly to 'Current Opportunities'

If you need more information and are interested in exploring an apprenticeship to kick start your career or change career paths, click the 'Apprentice Interest Form' button below.

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